Oooey Gooey Fun

Posted by on February 28, 2014

If you missed our “Oooey Gooey Fun” program at Ohio Twp. Central Children’s Dept. this morning, you missed a great time! Kids played with cooked spaghetti in chocolate pudding (lots of “eeeewwwws” on that one), make slime with 1 part cornstarch and 1 part water, searched for items hidden in water beads, played with shaving cream and mixed up “cloud dough.” Our non-scientific survey of kids and parents showed that the cloud dough was the favorite. To make it, you mix 8 parts of all-purpose flour with 1 part baby oil. Let your kid mix it together, then play with it like playdough. It is crumbly, but it can be molded, rolled out like pizza dough and whatever else the kid can think of to do with it. Lots of our kids just like squishing it in their hands in the bowl. Let your kid decide how he wants to play with it – a ton of fun for a few pennies worth of supplies.
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