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The Chandler Library is part of the Ohio Township Public Library System.

The Chandler Branch Library has long been a familiar part of the Chandler community. The Chandler Branch was first set up in 1920 as an outgrowth of a statewide move to extend library service to outlying areas. According to the library board minutes of February 17, 1920, the branch collection was first housed in private homes in the Chandler area.

The branch acquired its first permanent home in 1948, when it was moved into the Chandler Town Hall. By 1976, when a new Town Hall was underway, circulation at the Chandler branch had deteriorated to just over 800 books a year. In June of that year, a petition signed by Chandler residents was presented to the Chandler Town Board asking that a library be continued in the new Town Hall. The Town Board offered a small room in the new building. The facility was open from 1 to 5 pm, two days a week. Books, equipment and staff were supplied by the library in Newburgh.

In March 1980, the branch expanded once again, moving to rented quarters at 303 S. Illinois, near the Chandler Elementary School. Gifford Woolsey, Jr. was hired to make shelves and equipment, and the Chandler Kiwanis assisted with the move.

On October 21, 1988, the 9,000 volumes were moved by Chandler Elementary School students to the new 13,000 square foot structure in the lovely wooded area across the street from the school on the property deeded to the Library by the Warrick County School Corporation.

Locations where the Chandler Library has been housed:

1. Mrs. Anna Dean Childs – unsure of location (S. State?) 1920
2. Jane Child’s home – State & Washington St. (burned down)
3. Nellie Akers home – 221 W. Walnut St.
4. Florence Fisk home – 226 W. Walnut St.
5. Vogue Cleaners – E. Washington
6. Coombs Market – W. Washington
7. Coombs Shoe Repair – S. State & Walnut
8. Tamara Jennings at the Telephone Exchange (was on Presbyterian Church Property – torn down)
9. Old Chandler Firehouse on Iowa St. (Mrs. Akers acting as librarian)
10. Old Town Hall – 132 N. Iowa (Mrs. Akers acting as librarian) – 1948
11. Present new Town Hall – 417 E. Jefferson (Marla) 1976
12. Derringtons – Old Hardware Building – 303 S. Illinois (Marla) 1980
13. Present Location – 402 S. Jaycee St 1988


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