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Written By: admin - Mar• 31•12

The Hellions of Hallstead Hall……….

Hellion: A mischievous, troublesome, or unruly person.  That is the definition of a Hellion as defined by the American Dictionary.  With a series titled The Hellions of Hallstead Hall, how could I possibly resist the temptation?!

Well, I couldn’t, especially not after reading Sabrina Jeffries’s “School for Heiresses” series that was the springboard to the Hellions.  I was exceedingly shocked when Lord Stoneville was not the benefactor of the school and never got his own story.  On the other hand, I was extremely excited when I learned Stoneville would actually get him own story, The Truth about Lord Stoneville, the first book of the Hellions of Hallstead Hall series.

Lord Stoneville is a dissolute rake with a mysterious past, the head of the Sharpe family.  At least that is how he is presented in previous books, and it’s pretty close to his character in his own story, only his past isn’t so mysterious anymore.  We learn that his parents died in a horrible scandal that effectively threw him, his brothers and sisters into a tailspin that has carried throughout until their adult lives.  They have effectively flouted the rules of polite society and shielded themselves in outrageous behavior.  All that is about to change because of their grandmother.  She has issued an ultimatum:  marry or be disinherited!  Of course, the Sharpe siblings will not take this ultimatum lying down.  They are going to do everything in their power to make their grandmother regret her harsh actions.

Each of the Sharpe siblings have reacted differently to their parents’ deaths, turning their hobbies into a dominant personality trait while keeping their true selves hidden from society.  Stoneville doesn’t exactly turn a hobby into his shield; more like he lives his life to the extremes to keep society at bay.  Minerva writes gothic novels under her own name.  Gabe immerses himself in the world of racing in order to put the past behind him.  Jarrett is the chronic gambler of the bunch.  And last but certainly not least is Celia, the sharpshooter of the bunch.

Now while this may not sound super exciting, just imagine the possibilities of how each of them meets their future spouse.   Not to mention that each of the Sharpe siblings have dynamic personalities as well as their future spouses.  Toss in the ultimatum, their schemes to get out of the ultimatum, their parents mysterious deaths and a healthy dose of romance:  You have a perfectly delightful regency romp!!

These books are delightful to read, and you could enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having by sitting out on your porch swing and immersing yourself in the Sharpe’s stories.

Read them in order or not : )

1.  The Truth about Lord Stoneville

2.  A Hellion in Her Bed

3.  How to Woo a Reluctant Lady

4.  To Wed a Wild Lord

5.  A Lady Never Surrenders


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