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Fifty Shades of Freed

Written By: admin - Jun• 18•12

Conclusions are great things in many ways.  They bring a story together; they give you a sense of completion; and they highlight the positives.  What isn’t so great about a conclusion is, well, it’s conclusive meaning the end.  The conclusion book of the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Freed, was amazing and was also sad because it was the end.

This book starts off a few months later than where the second book left off.  This is a whole new perspective of the couple as it starts in a rather happy place.  Now for the first few chapters, there are flashbacks of the months that make the story come alive in a way I didn’t think that I would enjoy.  (I am not a fan of flashbacks.)  These flashbacks are turning points along the way, major events that took place, and emotions that are touched upon.  This adds more overall to the whole of the book than it detracts and was very enjoyable.

Throughout this book, the momentum of their happiness is infectious.  I was grinning like an idiot the entire time I was reading this book.  You really start to see just how much character development has taken place during this time in the book.  Of course, all good things come to an end or in the case of the book…decline.  Their happy bubble bursts, and they are grounded back in reality by a shocking accident, or so they assume.

[Be advised that if you do not want to know anything about the last book, stop here.  Come back and finish my post when you've finished the book.]

Events from the past book, remember the tantalizing subplot, catches up with them.  It creates a lot of tension between the characters and some great dramatic moments.  This story is intense in a whole separate way from the first one.  Yes, the sexual tension is still going strong, but the dramatic tension is increased tenfold.  Threats are made on Christian and Ana’s lives, and they are trying to have a normal loving relationship in the midst of this.  The struggles that take place both emotionally and physically are a joy to read.  It shows you whole other sides to the lengths people are willing to go for their emotions and wants.

Christian and Ana have both come a long way from the first book and continue to evolve through the second.  In this book, they are still growing but gain maturity that they lacked before.   There is a shocking announcement that at first seems is going to be the breaking point in their relationship and before that can be worked out completely, Ana is put in physical danger.   It is a huge emotional time between the two main characters and completely nerve racking to be honest.  In some ways I didn’t want to read any further because I wasn’t sure that they would get their Happily Ever After (HEA), but continue reading I did. Boy, was it worth it!

After all these dramatic twists and turns, Christian lays his emotions bare with Ana.  It was amazing to witness and realize the depths of the character and how far he has come from the first book.  Of course, Ana also has progressed rapidly throughout the book, and they have finally reached a stable loving relationship.  This is very definitely a HEA!!!  This book was a great conclusion although I am saddened by the fact that fifty shades is over.

In my opinion, these books are well worth the time to sit down and read them.  These books will take you on a wide range of emotions and transports you into another world.  I savored every moment I was immersed in the stories that the author created.  Now that may not seem true as I have read all three in a short span of time, but it is.  They took me on an emotional roller coaster and were in my thoughts even as I was doing other things.  The story of these characters will stick with you.  These books were amazing and touch something in you that you may not realize was there.

Hang on; I have to state this philosophical opinion before I conclude this article:

Now as for the fifty shades, a phrase that I find hard to let go of, and if you read the book you will understand, is an amazing description of so many things and will probably be launched into the English language as a new slang term for things.  I envision Fifty Shades fans right there alongside the Twilight and Harry Potters fans.   I believe that is a very apt title for these books, and I do believe that everyone has their own unique fifty shades.  : )

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