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Fifty Shades Darker

Written By: admin - May• 25•12

Desperate to read the next book in the Fifty Shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker, I went out on Friday evening and bought all three…yes, all three.  There was no point in buying one at a time.  I read way too fast for that.  And while I finished the book Saturday, I am just now sitting down and taking the time to write about it.  I have been pondering the rest of the weekend on just how to write this review so as not to give too much information away.

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele had a shocking eye-opening experience in the end of book one.  This has rocked them personally and emotionally as nothing they have ever experienced before.  The second book picks up seamlessly from this experience and continues on in the aftermath.  Truthfully though, while this time the book is drenched in emotion, it is a relatively short span of time for which I am truly grateful.  While a portion of the book was drenched in emotion, it is focused solely on Ana’s emotions and was starting to grate on the nerves.   At this point, Christian re-enters the picture, and together they make the decision to move more slowly and compromise even further to be together.  Neither one wants to lose the other and are willing to go to any length to keep each other.  You can truly see the love they feel for each other.

While Christian and Ana work on their relationship, life moves forward in the book and people from Christian’s past have come to haunt them.  One person forces them to be together around the clock strengthening the relationship and showing more sides to these characters than have been shown previously.  This person is one of Christian’s ex-lovers that has had an emotional break.  Her motivation is rather vague and so is her target.  Christian desperately wants to help her through her troubles while keeping Ana safe.  There is an emotional and physical confrontation that later seems to be another turning point in Christian and Ana’s relationship.

The other person threatens their relationship by preying on Ana’s insecurities and by taunting her with Christian’s past.  Mrs. Robinson enters the picture in a very big way in this book.  Instead of being just a nebulous character, she becomes real and interferes in their relationship by trying to reveal the truth in Christian’s past.  She tries time and again to get Ana alone to do this task, which infuriates both Ana and Christian.  Little does Mrs. Robinson know, Christian has told Ana of his past and she is accepting, even understanding, and loves him despite it.  Mrs. Robinson does not take this news well as she sees herself as the only woman that is good enough for Christian.  The relationship between Mrs. Robinson and Christian becomes progressively strained and reaches a breaking point.

Christian’s past is revealed little by little in this book, and it is heartbreaking.  It explains so many things and how he seems emotionally stunted in some areas.  Christian still has his hang ups, but he makes so much emotional growth in this book it is impressive.  Due to this, you can truly begin to see how he and Ana are a much more compatible couple than previously.  Because of this unveiling Christian and Ana both seem much happier in their relationship.

In this book, there are a lot of situations and emotional revelations that put this relationship to the test.   This reveals the inner strength of both characters that was previously lacking.  In the first book, it seemed to concentrate on the turmoil of both characters along with their flaws.   In this book, those are stripped away leaving the characters more human and the story more believable.  They each cope in their own way on how these situations and reveals affect them and their relationship with each other.  These two still have a ways to go before they are completely comfortable with their relationship and all it will entail, but they have a solid foundation to work from.

The book ends with a big announcement that is a happy announcement and a more relaxed air.   At the end of the book, a subplot for the next book is revealed leading the reader to a sense of dread, well at least for me.

Overall, this book was just as good as its predecessor.  There is not a doubt in my mind that these books are a must have everywhere.  The characters are so human, making them relate-able, while the chemistry sizzles off the pages.

I’m personally looking forward to reading the last installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy.  I hope that this love story gets the perfect ending.


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