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We, the Members of the Dead People Society (Leslie & Candy)

Just checking in to let you know what we have found in our genealogy research adventures…Sometimes, it amazes even us as to how far we have come.  So, maybe we can give you some new pointers and information that could be useful in your own searches.

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Who Were They?

We recently attended a workshop at Willard Library in Evansville about genealogy. Willard Library had guest speaker, J. Mark Lowe, come and speak about four different problem areas in genealogical research.  This workshop was well work the time that we spent at Willard.  Not only was Mr. Lowe an informative speaker, but he also had […]

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Searching Our Roots

We’ve both been researching our family histories and want to share some of the tips that we’ve come across.  Explore and let us know how your search is progressing!  We’d love to hear from you………………….Candy and Leslie   Now genealogical research is not a walk in the park because you aren’t just going to sit […]

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