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Step into the Supernatural..

Every  now and then, I feel the need to read a book based solely on the catchy title or pretty picture.   So that is exactly what I did with this book, I mean, face it with a title like, Demon’s are a Girl’s Best Friend, how could I resist?! And the cover art isn’t too […]

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Murder and Mayham in the Big Easy…

In a new book by Heather Graham, Phantom Evil, Harrison Investigations is at it again.  Tortured by past experiences, former behavioral expert Jackson Crow is now working with Harrison Investigations in a high profile killing.  After the death of his former partners, he is unsure whether it is a step in the right direction or […]

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Julie Kagawa Book Review

  Fantastic Fantasy   Welcome to the world of the Iron Fey. The main character Meghan Chase is living an ordinary life in high school, until strange things start to happen.   On a wild day she finds she is part Fey and the daughter of the legendary king, Oberon.  In a single day, the life […]

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Becoming Animal–An Earthly Cosmology

Over the millennia, humans have clearly separated themselves as the species to take their conscious pursuits to the ultimate levels, and because of this we tend to distance ourselves from those other organisms and animals that share the same Earth, claiming we are superior to them because of our pursuits. David Abram, the author of […]

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The Grand Design

The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow is Nathan’s March Non-Fiction Read. The Grand Design is a book that is epic in scope but can be broken into three fundamental questions: Why is there something instead of nothing? Why do we exist? Why does this particular set of laws govern our universe and […]

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