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The Next Cynster Sister

In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster is the next book by Stephanie Laurens in her newest trilogy titled the Cynster Sisters.  In the second installment of this exciting trilogy, the mysterious laird is after the next sister for his own purposes…this sister hand picked by him.  In a wild journey across Scotland Eliza Cynster will find […]

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The Cynster Clan Returns…

I am a die hard follower of Stephanie Laurens.  In fact, one of the first adult books that I ever read was a Stephanie Laurens book.  So after being up-to-date on each Cynster story as it has been released, all the Bastion Club books, and all the Black Cobra, I was ecstatic to find a […]

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Love by Numbers

So, I work in a library and love to read.  When I say loves to read, I mean that I can sit down start and finish a book in just a couple of hours.  This creates a lot of problems for me since I have read and reread a ton of books that are in […]

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In Fifty Years….

I recently read a book called Sh*t my Dad Says by Justin Halpern.  Yes I know, I was way behind the rush to read this, but I enjoyed it immensely, and as I was talking to a fellow co-worker, they mentioned another similar book.  That book was by Adam Carolla titled, In Fifty Years We’ll All Be […]

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Bottled Lightning…Seth Fletcher

…Nathan’s Non-Fiction Niche We hear over and over that we need to get our economy away from foreign oil and into developing and implementing alternative fuel and energy choices that lower the amount of pollution as well as for economic security purposes.  We see the push for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicle technologies, but where […]

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