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In Fifty Years….

I recently read a book called Sh*t my Dad Says by Justin Halpern.  Yes I know, I was way behind the rush to read this, but I enjoyed it immensely, and as I was talking to a fellow co-worker, they mentioned another similar book.  That book was by Adam Carolla titled, In Fifty Years We’ll All Be […]

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Bottled Lightning…Seth Fletcher

…Nathan’s Non-Fiction Niche We hear over and over that we need to get our economy away from foreign oil and into developing and implementing alternative fuel and energy choices that lower the amount of pollution as well as for economic security purposes.  We see the push for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicle technologies, but where […]

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Overdrive Ebook and Audio Downloads

We have been live now for our Overdrive Ebook and Audio downloads for several months.  Have you tried it out?  Do you like it? You do not have to have an actual eReader to use this library service.  You can download your books or audios to your laptop or your compatible smartphone device to read […]

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Local Flavors

If you prefer Double Cola over Coke, can’t live without Grippos chips, and have a family recipe for burgoo, you were probably born in this area. Those of us that aren’t from Southwestern Indiana can learn more about the local flavors by checking out these area cookbooks. Newburgh Entertains was published in 1998 by The […]

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Step into the Supernatural..

Every  now and then, I feel the need to read a book based solely on the catchy title or pretty picture.   So that is exactly what I did with this book, I mean, face it with a title like, Demon’s are a Girl’s Best Friend, how could I resist?! And the cover art isn’t too […]

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